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Fri, Mar 27



Skyrocket your Eros on this unique, experiential journey!

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Time & Location

Mar 27, 2020, 6:00 PM – Mar 29, 2020, 10:00 PM, 7520 Northeast 4th Court, Miami, FL, USA


About the event

 In this workshop we present a refreshing approach in the art of attraction and how to give and receive pleasure. We explore various tools and processes that create a deeper level of emotional connection, intimacy and pleasure in your relating dynamics and lovemaking. 

March 27-29

Friday - 6pm-10pm

Saturday - 12pm-10pm

Sunday - 11am-9pm

 The focus of this weekend is to: 

- guide you on how to nurture your creative, sexual, life-force energy  - create more space for sexual rapture and love in your life - release pain, energy stagnation, unprocessed emotions or trauma - provide clear insights to resolve sexual dissatisfaction and dysfunction - understand and dissolve social conditioning that inhibits sensual bliss - practice optimizing the environment, energy and your sexual experiences for greater ecstasy - ignite the heartfelt changes you deeply long for in your life 

The workshop will be grounded in a solid re-education on a variety of essential topics:  

- sexual communication of intentions -anatomy of arousal and touch techniques - creating ecstatic polarity where the “giver and receiver” or “female and male” bodies complement and deepen one another’s attraction and emotional connection - orgasmic variety for longer lasting lovemaking. 

Whether you are single, dating, newlywed, divorced or married, this workshop will offer a new model for you to relate sexually, to re-open your heart and to experience exquisite lovemaking.  

This is the sex education you never had! The mysteries of liberated lovemaking from the heart and blissful pleasure are illuminated.  

Your Facilitators: 

Aaron Michael of Optimal Sex Life and Maria Fazzingo of the Energy of Love have years of embodied experience and an arsenal of experiential practices, modalities and tools they combine in a unique way that supports you in connecting to your authentic sensual self. Feel the joy and ecstasy in your interactions with yourself, others and Life!  

Aaron and Maria often channel methods and techniques spontaneously, inspired by what’s alive at the moment with the synergy of the group’s dynamics, energy, needs and evolution. The offerings are deeply transformational. A blend of powerful structures offered may include bioenergetics, psychodrama, body mechanics, bodywork and massage, energy work, conscious use of breath, sound and movement, emotional release, active meditation practices, authentic communication and Tantric principles to name but a few – all in the service of opening deeper to love and awareness. 


This course is for everyone who wishes to integrate sexuality and empowerment, authentic relating and energy in a holistic way to orgasmic pleasure and fulfillment.  

It is however not a “couples only” workshop and will be crafted for individuals to feel into their embodied desires, their non-verbal no and yes, as well as how to connect with others on a deeper level than what our “logical” brain has led us to believe in the past. 

You can of course come with a partner and do all of the more intimate exercises with that one person.  

We will create a male to female body balance and there will be limited spots.  

Make sure to sign up in good time as this workshop is expected to sell out fast. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE APPLICATION AND BE ACCEPTED BEFORE WE RESERVE A SPOT FOR YOU.  


Although there will be no explicit sexual engagement in this workshop, by the end you will have gained the skills to open your heart, be present for connection and bonding, as well as being able to invoke that in those you sensually encounter and whose mind, bodies and souls you touch. You will learn the manual and body coordination skills to own your own pleasure and give another pleasure. We also explore how to communicate around desires, fantasies and fears. 


For the purpose of creating a balanced and harmonious group, this course can be joined by application only. Please contact Mahala Nirvano at After paying your deposit, you will receive an Application Form to your email. Upon completing the form, your application will be processed and an answer will be given within a few days. In case of an answer of decline, your deposit will be fully refunded. 

Depending on the group dynamics, experience and level, this course may include partial nudity and what some may consider intimate personal touch. It is essential that those wishing to join are open to engage in this possibility and can approach the workshop content with maturity, sincerity, and respect. 

Please realistically evaluate yourself before applying. There is no explicit sexual activity as part of the curriculum.  

The course does require that every participant is open to work with one another (unless you come in a couple and wish only to work with each other) to practice massage/bodywork with everyone from the opposite gender regardless of sexual orientation. Again, please evaluate your readiness for this. 

Should there be a cancellation on your part, the course deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please make sure you fully understand our Terms of Service before making your payment. 

AARON MICHAEL - A bodyworker and sex coach, he is passionate about bringing adults an avant-garde sex education beyond talk therapy and has helped hundreds of men and women with everything from sparking attraction, developing sexual skills, to building long lasting relationships. He is the author of the published book ‘Optimal Sex Life: An Exercise Book for De-Armoring and Tantric Sex’. He specializes in teaching body coordination movements, touch and attraction to optimize your sex life towards deeper levels of embodied emotional connection, heightened levels of orgasmic pleasure and variety. Aaron teaches women and men how to optimize their sex life for more pleasure and intimacy. 

Find him at: 

MARIA FAZZINGO - An International Tantra Teacher, Tantra Coach and Practitioner - She is the Founder of Energy of Love and a seasoned Dakini dedicated to guiding people to expand their consciousness, reach their higher self and live out their full orgasmic potential. She specializes in Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage as a deep healing modality. She works with emotional release, breath-work, de-armoring and a mix of bodywork modalities and philosophies from the classical Hindu and Taoist Tantra traditions to Neo Tantra. She opens people's hearts and helps them awaken to their true authentic nature. She travels worldwide studying with master teachers and teaches month-long Tantra Massage practitioner retreats in Asia. Maria loves to bring people together and has catalyzed the Miami Tantra Community. 

Find her at: 

Or on FB at: 

Super Early bird (Feb. 1-29) - $299 

Early bird (March 1-20) -  $349

Regular (March 21-27) - $ $399

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