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Sat, Feb 01


Illuminated Heart: Healing Concert & Cacao Ceremony

The energy of the waxing quarter moon brings a great opportunity for introspection and deep rest. Join us for an inward journey through the sacred plant medicine of Cacao and the healing frequencies of Medicine Music: four hours dedicated to Illuminating the Heart.

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Illuminated Heart: Healing Concert & Cacao Ceremony
Illuminated Heart: Healing Concert & Cacao Ceremony

Time & Location

Feb 01, 2020, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 7520 Northeast 4th Court, Miami, FL, USA


About the event

The energy of the waxing quarter moon brings a great opportunity for introspection and deep rest. Join us for an inward journey through the sacred plant medicine of Cacao and the healing frequencies of Medicine Music:  four hours dedicated to Illuminating the Heart.  

Our evening of blissful praise will begin with a guided meditation by Samantha and Emily. They will guide us in a heart-opening experience of breathwork and meditation that will softly open our energy channels to prepare for a cacao ceremony guided by Erik Guru Lieux of Shamanic Tonic. He’ll share the blessings of his special blend of cacao and medicinal herbs, along with the sweet wisdom of his heart. As the sacred cacao opens the emotional pathways, we’ll channel our collective energies through sacred song, mantra, and chanting. The sweet melodies of Daniela Arhat, The MadhuSun Collective, and Emily Sat Sukh will ground our connection with the divine spirit of our oceans, our rivers and lakes, our lands and our cosmos. This sacred song circle, we dedicate our hearts to Mama Yemaya, the Goddess of the Ocean. Our combined intention will be focused on the healing of her waters, and a portion of the funds from this gathering will be placed towards a reputable Ocean restoration charity fund. The evening will close with a group reiki and sound healing circle. We’ll melt collectively into a cuddle puddle*, bathed by the ethereal vibrations of singing bowls, wood and bamboo flutes, and gong.  

Please wear comfortable clothing Wellness Ironside has a few cushions, but please bring any cushion or blanket which will maximize your relaxation

pre-registration encouraged and appreciated 

*please cuddle-puddle to your personal level of comfort 

Parking is available in the Ironside parking lot and on the street, but ride sharing is recommended. 

About the Facilitators: 

Daniela Arhat is a singer songwriter who sings mantras and composes conscious music. She studied music and vocal performance in Colombia and Miami. Her deep connection with the divine and her meditation practice creates a beautiful atmosphere of love and devotion in her performances. She currently performs at many events and festivals. 

Sat Sukh came into the world with a song in her heart. Her life is dedicated to the intricately related studies of sound, music, art, and yoga. Through these studies she continually reaches deep self-knowledge, heartfelt compassion for humanity, and grateful awe for the power of vibration. Sat Sukh spent most of her formative years in classic vocal techniques training and performance, studying with university professors of Vocal Music. Iyengar Yoga found her at 16, and she has devoted nearly 20 years of her life to daily practice and study of yogic arts. She is in a constant state of experiential understanding of the trifecta that is the sound current: Sphota – transcendental sound, Nāda – supersonic sound, and Dhvani – sound that is heard by the human ear. Sat Sukh shares mantra and sacred song with unbridled joy and appreciation. Her performances are a devotional practice in action. Her melodies and voice carry the sound current to invoke and awaken the divine qualities latent within the heart of humanity.   MadhuSun Collective is a collaboration of two likeminded individuals, Madhu and Sunanda, with the purpose of coming together to share the good vibrations of the universe through the power of divine mantras. By balancing the energies of nature through the divine masculine and feminine they give a soulful healing by mixing mantras, medicine music and Western melodies bringing a contemporary twist to kirtan to ignite your body, mind and spirit.  They believe in making healing and spiritual knowledge accessible to everyone by holding a safe space to journey within. They bring to light that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Devi Manet will be serving her Raw Bliss cacao which is made using stone grinding methods to open up the micro particles of the cacao for optimal absorption. This cacao is made from the beans and then stone ground over the course of many days. The Mayan word for cacao translates as “heart blood” highlighting their knowing of cacao opening up the physical and spiritual heart. Cacao is an activator so it will enliven and open our hearts to begin the evening.  

Devi Manet is on a mission to share the healing modalities that have worked for her through direct experience. What began as a simple interest in bettering the quality of her life, led to in depth studies in plant based living food nutrition and detox, mystical world religions and practices, and expression through healing arts such as yoga and sound healing. Covering the whole body, mind, and spirit spectrum with great emphasis on preparing the body for the soul's evolution process has been the driving force in her work. Devi is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, sound healer, has a BA in eastern religious studies, and is a raw food chef and chocolatier. She did not find cacao, cacao found her! Devi actually had a mild physical allergy to chocolate growing up, which was because of the many other allergenic ingredients in chocolate as most people knows it. After finding healing and vitality through her journey with raw foods, she came across this superfood cacao and decided to give it a chance. However the powdered cacao powders did not awaken the inspiration to run cacao ceremonies, it was only after trying the magic of stone ground raw cacao that Devi felt the energetic  quality of cacao as a potent medicine to awaken, enliven, and  remember who we truly are. After this experience she gathered the education and materials to create such a cacao on her own, from bean to bar. This evolved to a synergistic union of cacao, Kundalini yoga, sound, and meditation events by High Vibe Tools. She sells her chocolate bars through her business Raw Bliss


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