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3,500 square feet wellness space


Floor to ceiling window, ability to open for fresh air


High speed Wi-Fi


SONOS sound system for easy airplay plus auxiliary cord set up for DJ or external players


Neutrally curated to allow itself to serve as a clean canvas for all creators


Through our Glassbox co-op model, we want to provide wellness-prenuers the opportunity to have access to a large, open air, luxurious space by paying rent and taking home the full earnings from their classes, workshops & events.

Our model provides teachers with the incentive to create what they want truly want to offer the community without the constraints of a particular studios business model, allowing them to be entrepreneurs in every sense of the word

Exclusive Founding Member Offer

Four hours of use per month

Three month commitment required

No sign up fee

Tax included

Member Amenities

  • Private Bathroom & Showers 

  • Fridge & Kitchen Space

  • Refillable water station

  • Designated check-in are

  • Natural décor elements [rugs, plants, pillows]

  • Daily cleaning between bookings

  • Easy Online Booking platform

  • WIFI

  • SONO sound system

  • Wrap around balcony [all doors open]

  • Free street parking

  • Direct access to Lemon Garden

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